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Snag a Sweet International Treat at Shahi Kulfi - St. Johns Wood Blog

Snag a Sweet International Treat at Shahi Kulfi

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Sometimes referred to as Indian ice cream, kulfi is a staple for Indian street vendors. Thye whip it up fresh, freeze it, and then serve it popsicle-style alongside a bevy of savory bites. Although the flavors vary greatly, the base is always the same: high-quality milk, cream, and, of course, sugar. These are the base ingredients for the handheld treats crafted at Shahi Kulfi.

The Sterling-based business specializes in Halal sweets in a few different flavors, starting with the traditional malai kulfi—it consists of just the aforementioned ingredients, plus flour to create that signature texture. However, the ice cream popsicles also come in fruity flavors like mango and coconut, as well as nut-based options including almond and pistachio. And finally, there’s the traditional chocolate kulfi, a bold counterpart to the vanilla-adjacent malai. Stop in at the storefront to taste-test a few of the different flavors, or order online and stock your freezer. Shahi Kulfi ships cases of its popular popsicles all over the nation and also offers catering options for special events, so you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs perfectly.

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