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April Holidays at St. Johns Wood - St. Johns Wood Blog

April Holidays at St. Johns Wood

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Invest in our planet. That is the theme for Earth Day 2023. 


Earth Day is an event that takes place every year on April 22 that demonstrates support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day now includes a wide range of events coordinated by 


This year, there are six main focuses for 2023 Earth Month, which you can discover here. We encourage our residents to participate in Earth Day in as many ways as possible. Also, St. Johns Wood urges our community to continue their Earth Day activities all year long. 


For example, participate in a community cleanup every month, use only reusable water bottles, or shop at sustainable brands as often as possible. 


While Earth Day is an important April holiday, April 22nd doesn’t exactly host parties and celebrations. But, no matter! This month find your new favorite holiday, create your own, or even celebrate another holiday just for the fun of this April! 


Of course, April 1st is of course April Fools’ Day! A day to celebrate silliness and harmless pranks. 


The exact origins of the holiday remain a mystery. But the embrace of April Fools’ Day by multiple cultures, communities, and media has solidified the holiday’s long life.

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